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Saturday, May 3rd @ 8:00PM
The Crown
1910 N. Charles St.
Baltimore, MD
$5 Suggested Donation

[SPCL NTRST] wipe[s] the console with a soft, dry cloth. [Together they] peel the white paper from the base of the [appropriated VHS footage in order to] affix the base so the < mark on [Health & Safety] and the > mark on [Music] are pointing at each other. When affixing the base, [SPCL NTRST] make[s] sure that you so not cover any of the lettering on the console. Do not touch [inadvertent musicality] for about 30 to 60 minutes after affixing it to the console. Doing so can cause the [exposed moments of emotion and subtext hidden within the practical and impersonal] to come off.

Do expect [Category: Health] as well as [Category: Music].

For more information on SPCL NTRST, please visit: http://www.spclntrst.com/

Upcoming Programming:
5/25 - BALTIMORE-BASED @ Artsfest Film Festival (Harrisburg, PA)